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The Crowd Goes wild..

So you want to wow your guests? You want to set your event apart from others you’ve attended? Well you’re in luck, we have a great option to stun your guests, in a good way of course!

Most venues don’t allow fireballs and pyrotechnics, but we have the next best thing. Cold Spark Machines. Although they don't require a pyrotechnics license, we treat these machines as if they do. The machine itself heats up a chemical that then creates the sparks. These machines aren't dangerous when handled correctly but just like anything else they have the potential to be dangerous. With our extreme attention to detail, and limited bursts we minimize the risk potential. This creates a much safer special effect than those bursts of flames you see at your favorite artists concerts.

So how do we incorporate these to your event?

Well that really depends on the type of the event. For example if you're having a wedding, these are a great option for the newlywed introduction, or even having a few bursts during your first dance. For corporate events or parties, we’ve used them to unveil new products, award ceremonies and also to introduce the birthday person into the room.

How many uses? What's the duration of each burst? These are the most common questions we get. They can be set off 4-5 times, for the duration of 8 seconds. The sparks do leave a light residue within a 10 ft radius, so we strongly recommend using them on a stage or dancefloor to avoid guest tables.

The reaction you will get from your guests will be priceless, and it will keep them talking about your event for years to come. Pair that with your photographer for some stunning photos, like this one captured by Brit Jaye Photography!


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