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Don't Forget the....

Where are the rings? Who’s got the rings? Hey, we’ve all heard it right? Whether it was just a joke, or if the rings actually got left somewhere. If only there was a checklist to help you better prepare. Well, wedding day checklists are in abundance across the internet. In a sea of checklists, choosing the right one can be overwhelming and leave you with that sinking feeling. So, let's avoid all of that by referring to this well put together checklist from

This checklist includes some of the most forgotten necessary day of items for your wedding day. I’ve done hundreds of weddings in my years as an Emcee, and I can’t tell you how many times the client has forgotten the cake knife. It’s the little stuff that can truly make a difference in the presentation. This list will get you thinking about some of those items that you may or may not need. Now, granted if you have a wedding planner, they are likely going to handle all of this for you. It doesn’t hurt to prepare yourself. :-)


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