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The Love that Lasts a Lifetime



At Legacy Event Group, our mission is to promote the true relaxation and joy associated with entertainment. Now, what does this mean? It means that we are committed to walking with you every step of the way to ensure that you have a successful event that you and your patrons are genuinely satisfied with. Our dedicated work with you through careful planning, customization, and coordination ensures that nothing will ever fall through the cracks and that your event stays on schedule according to plan. Not only do we work with you beforehand to curate a unique event solution guaranteed to please, but we also dedicate our time to avoid and eliminate any potential stressors that may arise on your special day, allowing you to truly enjoy what you’ve spent so much time and energy planning. We understand that events are often very personal and emotional experiences, so this is why our mission at Legacy Event Group is streamlining the process and provide input and guidance at every step of the way. 


Enjoy your special day with half the stress and twice the fun!


Wow your team with a professionally curated and orchestrated events. 


Keep the party going all night long with hit music and impressive light displays.


Show your support for a cause that means a great deal to you!

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At Legacy Event Group, we focus on three main specialities that we know our services are perfect for. We specialize in Weddings, Corporate Events and Parties. We know that each event has its own unique event philosophy and tactics for flawless execution, which is exactly why we have dedicated staff members who are experts in events within our specialty. Our decades of experience in curation, planning, and executing make us the perfect choice if you want an event with maximum impact, with none of the associated stress that comes with planning something on your own.


Our specialties


We want your wedding to be as perfect as it is in your dream---and we know we can achieve that! Staff at Legacy Event Group have curated and executed thousands of weddings, giving us integral insight into what it takes for a successful wedding event. We know that what most bride and grooms want is a stress-free experience that leaves the greatest amount of impact on themselves and their family and this is exactly what we strive to provide. We offer reception and ceremony services, photo booth rental, and state of the art sound and lighting displays that will leave everyone speechless. We provide two staff members for every event, one Emcee to focus on keeping the event on the timeline, organizing and informing all vendors of what is to come to ensure that no one misses the perfect photo opportunity or when dinner is served, and to absorb all potential stressors that may arise during the big day. This allows our DJ to focus solely on music, giving us the freedom to read the crowd and never have a moment of silence where it doesn’t belong. Our staff has constant radio communication, ensuring that nothing will get missed and that we will execute flawlessly. Our digital and analog back-up systems ensure that we are always prepared in the case of rare and unexpected technical difficulties. Our services speak for themselves...come in for a free consultation so we can show you why Legacy Event Group is the best in the business at what we do



There’s no place like a party. Great music, great food, lots of dancing. Sounds like the best time right? Well, it depends. Oftentimes, parties need careful planning and attention to detail to achieve their success. At Legacy Event Group, we believe that entertainment is a mindset and one that requires a perfect blend of relaxation and engagement. Through our decades of experience and thousands of successful events completed, we know that we have mastered that balance and would love to use it to help you plan your next party celebration. We provide planning and coordination, DJ Services, lighting and sound enhancements, photo booths, and even just equipment rental if that suits your needs best. Our DJs and Emcees are best in the business, focusing on every little detail of your event to take away all the stress and pressure off of the host. There’s nothing quite like a party that is done right, and we will help you achieve that greatness that you have always dreamed of. 


Corporate Events

We mean business here at Legacy Event Group and understand the ins and outs of what it takes to impress at a professional level. We take the time to truly understand your objectives and reasons for your corporate event and do our best to optimize our plans for you to achieve success. We understand the naturally high stakes of business engagements and that reputation can easily be linked to the quality of the event you throw. Let us help you make that impact you've always dreamed of on your clients, superiors or employees. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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