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For successful events, oftentimes it’s the smallest changes that make the biggest impact. At Legacy Event Group, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and our ability to create lasting impressions through visual enhancements. Enhancements can be the difference between a lifeless, bland event, and an event with a clear focal point that will wow your guests by adding depth and character.

Our Expertise

The staff at Legacy Event Group are experts at finding the balance between simplicity and impact, ensuring that any event you may have, we will provide the maximum amount of enhancement without adding more than is necessary. Our expert eyes know exactly how to eliminate a cluttered look and provide enhancements that give off a streamlined and professional look. 

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Our main goal is for you to be comfortable with your decision. With so much information and so many options chances are you may be asking what is next?


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Our Gear

Legacy Event Group offers a wide range of versatile sonic and visual enhancements that are sure to create an emotional impact on the guests at your event. We offer enhancements such as accent lighting and uplights, monograms, projectors, spark machines, and a confetti cannon. Our equipment is top of the line and features battery power and wireless control, meaning it produces low heat for safety concerns, has no wires for a clean look, and is able to be controlled remotely to make changes necessary to address your needs. By leveraging our experience and expertise, we are able to enhance any event space to suit your needs and create a space that really pops.

There’s many options, but where do you start? Ask yourself a few questions. Do I have multiple locations? What vibe do I want to create? If a guest were to leave my event, they would say “WOW_____________” Fill in the blank! These are great examples to help determine what type of add ons you may want or need. For example, say you're having multiple locations incorporated for your event. One being a main space, and the other just being a cocktail space prior to the main room opening. Our packages include sound for a main space, however needing sound in additional locations requires enhancing our main system with additional equipment. More often than not, clients will add an additional speaker and wireless signal to provide light cocktail music and announcements. 


Does your venue have a look that you want to slightly alter? Uplighting will make an impact on the vibe of your space. Our uplighting is a wireless, battery powered high output LED light that can be a variety of colors and changed right from our booth. Since they’re LED they don’t get blazing hot creating a fire hazard like the old school incandescent ones do. Uplighting can be used to highlight a focal point or even an entire room to give it a whole new feel. 


Maybe you need to light up something from above? We can do that with pin lighting. Pin lighting is designed to highlight details in your space. These are wireless, battery powered spot lights that are magnetic. Whether it's centerpieces, awards, or memorial tables our pin lighting will highlight it and make it more impactful. 


Looking for something more unique? Consider animated monograms or even projection mapping. Animated monograms can be client names or even corporate logos that are projected for all your guests to see. These are digital and have different animation options that really stand apart from the traditional static letter. Projection mapping is also digital but allows you the availability to completely transform your space. Projection mapping uses a projector to project an animated image onto a wall or object that adds a three dimensional or augmented reality perception. For example, if you have a space with a solid garage door, rather than just seeing the back of the garage door, a beach could be projected onto the door to make it look like waves are rolling in. Can you imagine the reaction you would get from your guests if they walked into an old industrial building and instead of seeing what they expected, they saw and felt like they were sitting under the trees and stars? It would WOW them and would surely be discussed at gatherings for years to come. 


Another option that Legacy offers is a LED Facade or LED Wall. These LED walls are the same designs that you see in your favorite sports arenas and even Time Square. They are very bright and can be seen from a distance. These LED panels can display visualizations that pair with dance lighting for parties of all types. They can also display slideshows or even custom made movies for a really unique touch. 


Connect With Us

At Legacy Event Group, we truly care about our clients. This is why we offer a free design consultation to personalize your event experience and create the ultimate innovative event solution. Our process blends creativity and vision to help achieve what other competitors would deem impossible. Whether your event is a wedding, a party, a corporate event, or a fundraiser, we are confident that our enhancements will result in a more memorable experience for you and your patrons. Contact us for a free event design consultation to discover what enhancement can do for your event. 

Enhancements Videos

Enhancements Videos


"Recently used Legacy Event Group to provide entertainment for our Wedding Reception. They were great! Highly recommended them. Fun, professional, and timely! Thanks for making our day wonderful!!"

Jake I.

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