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The details make the difference

The add-ons you have for your event are the small details that create the lasting impact that will lead to an unforgettable night for both you and your guests. The atmosphere created by the enhancements Legacy Event Group provides can turn a good environment into an awe-inspiring one! Check out the countless options available that are sure to meet all your needs and more.

Each enhancements and special effect is unique and some must pair with existing equipment packages. You also have the ability to customize or scale the size of the effect based on the desired impact or design. Click below for a list of all of our packages, enhancements, and special effects.


Our main goal is for you to be comfortable with your decision. With so much information and so many options chances are you may be asking what is next?


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Enhancement Options



Legacy Event Group provides a large host of lighting add-ons to curate an ambiance and set the mood for you and your guests. Uplighting allows us to tailor the feel of the venue based on your recommendation. We can create any color that you could ever want and need! We offer uplighting for behind the head table or around the whole venue. Our monogram lighting allows us to project your initial for all your guests to see. Popular placement of the monogram includes on the dancefloor or on a wall. Is the reception party the most important aspect for you? Add some extra dance lighting to feel like you are in a dance club! No matter your lighting needs, Legacy Event Group will take care of you.


Our audio-visual specialists are projection masters. We offer custom animated monograms that offer all of the allure of a traditional monogram with the added flexibility and customization of digital animation. Wow, your guests with a technically impressive display! Do you have a slideshow of photos of you and your partner? We’d be happy to provide the screen and projector to display those to your whole audience. There’s no better way to share the intimate moments of your relationships than through a slideshow! We also offer LED televisions of various sizes to service any additional needs you may have. 


Extra Add-Ons

Want something to really make an impact? Something that people in on your guest lists are guaranteed to not have seen before? Try a cold spark machine to use during your introduction or first dance for an electrifying experience that is sure to be unforgettable for your guests. It offers all the excitement of a spark show without any of the danger or hazard. Another popular option is the confetti cannon. Signify the importance and excitement of your celebration with a confetti explosion! Lastly, try a low lying fog to set a mysterious ambiance for your dance floor or during your dances!

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