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Daytime Wedding

From graduations to birthdays, all parties have on thing in common: there’s always people we wish could be there but can’t. At Legacy Event Group, we have designed a Live Streaming Experience to eliminate this problem once and for all! We start by allowing you to choose up to 4 cameras that we will run simultaneously while our control operator switches seamlessly between the different angles to provide your guests with the best possible view of each moment. We then created an easy-to-use viewing platform that makes it simple for your virtual guests to access your live stream. Streams can be broadcasted on all major websites including, but not limited to, YouTube, Twitch, and even your personal Facebook page! Don’t let your friends and family that can’t make it to the party miss a thing! Let Legacy Event Group help you create the perfect Live Streaming Experience today!    




Below is a pricing list for our Live Streaming Options.

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