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One of the biggest challenges of corporate events is getting everyone to attend. Conflicting schedules, varying shifts, and even vacations can make it impossible to get everyone in the same place at the same time. Imagine if your employees could attend your corporate event from the comfort of their home or anywhere with internet access. With Legacy Event Group’s Live Streaming Experience this is all possible! You have the option to capture your event from up to 4 simultaneous angles while our control operator switches seamlessly between them providing your virtual guests with the best possible view! Our viewing platform is easy to access and even easier to use. You will have the option to stream your event to YouTube, Twitch, or even your company’s Facebook page! Let us help you get ALL of your employees to your corporate events!




Below is a pricing list for our Live Stream Options.

To add any service or add-on and build a custom quote click the link below



Our main goal is for you to be comfortable with your decision. With so much information and so many options chances are you may be asking what is next?


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Does your business need a high quality and professional medium for streaming your special events? If so, we have exactly what you need. We have a multitude of package options for Audio Visual equipment, projectors, lighting and TV screens made available to you for rental. Do you just need a high quality live stream done? We can do that too! Our professional, highly skilled staff make for expert camera operators, allowing for up to 3 simultaneous camera locations, ensuring that the perfect angle with never be missed. Some of your employees or stakeholders can't make it to the live streamed event? No problem! We provide a video of each stream after the engagement so you can share it with those we were unable to attend. Whether it's for Holiday parties, Award Ceremonies, Company Meetings, and Training Seminars. We got you covered. 

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While embracing the new normal, it's imperative to recognize that not all business can  be conducted in the same way for now, and we need to adapt in order to make it out on the other side. This is why we are offering this package to our corporate clients. We want your business to be successful. We know you and your employees are getting sick of the constant Zoom calls and virtual meetings, so this is the perfect opportunity to step up the production value of your next event to increase engagement and impact on your audience. Legacy Event Group are event management specialists who will ensure the success of your event no matter the circumstance. Contact us now for a free consultation to learn how we can transform your next virtual event. 

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