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For corporate events, leaving a good impression on your audience is a surefire way to have an impactful event. Our DJs are expertly trained in everything you could possibly need to ensure your success and impress your colleagues, bosses, and stakeholders. Need background music for a conference you are holding? We can do that! Need something to keep everyone on their feet and engaged at a party? That's our specialty! No matter the circumstance, you can trust Legacy Event Group and our DJs to deliver a service that meets all your needs and beyond. Relax, unwind, and have a good time and let us do all the hard work for you!

Corporate DJ

Below is a pricing list for our Photo Booth Options. Get a custom quote to find out how we can transform your next event.

  • Bring your corporate event to the next level with our DJ service!
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    5 hr
    795 US dollars


Our main goal is for you to be comfortable with your decision. With so much information and so many options chances are you may be asking what is next?


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Legacy's Specialty

Music Selection

Our DJs are experts at picking the exact music selection that will paint the mood for your corporate event. Music can tell the story of what you are trying to accomplish, and our DJs have extensive music and interpersonal knowledge that make them perfect to help you tell your story through your event. Whether it's for cocktail music for easy listening while people mingle and chat, commanding music to play as a backdrop to a speech to add energy and emphasis, or dance music to get people loose and up on their feet having a good time, trust us to do it all.  

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Event Planning and Curation

The staff at Legacy Event group are not only music experts, but we also pride ourselves on our planning abilities. We will work with you every step of the way to plan all aspects of your event to make sure you accomplish what you want and need to accomplish. No detail is too small for the Legacy team. We will help you build out a timeline to structure your evening and to make sure that nothing is missed.

The Legacy Impact

At Legacy Event Group, we are in the business of making an impact. We pride ourselves on our ability to do so. Corporate Events are extremely unique because a lot of the time, presentation and execution is the difference between a successful sale, a promotion, or respect from your colleagues. We want you to achieve all of your goals and we are confident that we can get you there.

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