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Are you an artist and want to showcase your talents online, but don’t know how or don’t have the equipment to create a professional stream? Here at Legacy Event Group, we have all the necessary tools and knowledge to help you create the Live Streaming Experience you’ve been dreaming of. With the option to have up to 4 cameras simultaneously capturing your performance from different angles, and a live control station operator switching seamlessly between them, we can make your Artist Spotlight something your viewers will always remember! Plus, we will provide you with the streams from each camera afterwards so that you can use them for music videos, promotions, or anything else! Contact us today on how we can create the perfect Live Stream experience for you!




Below is a pricing list for our Live Stream Options.

To add any service or add-on and build a custom quote click the link below



Our main goal is for you to be comfortable with your decision. With so much information and so many options chances are you may be asking what is next?


Let's talk about 

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Professionalism & Flexibility

Looking for an opportunity to provide a live show to a virtual audience? We can provide a variety of angles to your supporters with our multiple camera placement options. Whether you are looking to share your craft with the masses or if you just want to broaden your video library, we can meet your needs and more. If sound active lights grab your interest, we have a variety of options you can choose from, making your event look like an expertly coordinated light show. We are here to help you capture every moment and make it available for your followers to enjoy on multiple streaming platforms for maximal flexibility and stability of the stream.

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