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Live Stream Vs. Video Conferencing

Sometimes live streams are confused with options like Zoom, Google Meet/Duo, FaceTime, or even Facebook video chat. The one thing all those apps have in common is two-way video and sound capability. When using these services, you will be able to see and hear whomever it is that you are online with and they will see and hear you. In contrast, live streaming is one-way communication from us to you. We will not be able to see or hear you when you are watching the live event. This allows a convenient, alternative way to enjoy the things and people you love in the comfort of your home. 

Viewing Options

To make sure you are able to experience the live stream on the platform you want, we provide several ways to view the event. The stream can be simultaneously broadcasted to multiple social media platforms chosen and approved by the client. Only platforms approved by the client will be showing the live stream and not all links will be active if the client chose to not use that platform. The main streaming page is located at:


Primary Live Stream Player

On this page you will see the main live stream embedded on our website. Please hit the play button to start the stream. This player will buffer the live stream after it begins so if you log on after the countdown stream or event has started please use the time bar at the bottom of the video window to scroll to the right where it says “live.”


Embedded Links

Embedded links work in the same way as the primary video player. Embedded links are inside our website and do not require any additional login information. With simultaneous streaming there could be a delay from one source to the other. This delay is expected and unnoticed if you remain on one viewing platform or page.


External Links

External links will take you outside of our website and to the Legacy Event Group page inside that social media site. The video may automatically display the live stream or you may have to select it from the live video feed. Please note that any external option will take you off of Legacy Event Groups page, but will not require you to log on to the social media/streaming site. If you are a user of that platform you can log in if you wish but it is not required to view the live stream. Often times this option is the most versatile option, especially for mobile users or those with accounts inside that platform. If you select the external link and there is no live stream available, the client has chosen to not use that platform. If this occurs please select a different viewing option.


If you experience any difficulties with load time or buffering on any platform please go back to and chose a different external or embedded option.


Viewing a live stream is dependent on a steady connection to the internet. After trying multiple platforms if you are still experiencing difficulties connecting or buffering please try a different device or secure a better internet connection.


Additional Support

Legacy Event Group is available for limited technical assistance on the day of the event. Assistance will be extremely limited during the event so if you have concerns about your connection, our site, or compatible devices and platforms, please contact us at: / 937-414-0079


  • Do I have to decide on all services and add-ons before I book?
    The most important thing is to reserve your day with one of our main entertainment options. Packages, add-ons, and services can be added or changed anytime with one caveat. We can only offer what is still available. If the option is still available we can modify your reservation at anytime.
  • How do I reserve my event and hold the date?
    To hold your date and reserve our services we need two things, a reservation payment and signed contract. After these two things are received, we open up your planning, timeline, and music areas so you can start your planning. The balance on the account is not due until 14 days prior to the event.
  • Do you rent bistro lights?
    We do not, we do work with many vendors who specialize in decor lighting.
  • Does your photo booth provide prints?
    Yes, our photo booth does provide photo strips for your guests. We even have additional customizing options for different size prints and designs. We then share all of the images with you, so you can see all the fun your guests had at your event.
  • Does the photo booth include a person?
    Our photo booths do include an attendant to direct your guests, organize props, and hand out prints.
  • Your packages are different lengths but my event is longer. How do I extend?
    Adding hours to any event is easy. Hours can be added before the event in any increment charged at the standard rate different for each service we offer. At the event hours can still be added but are required in cash and are in hourly increments only. We also request you let us know at least 30 min before the scheduled end or last song. Additional time added the day of must be approved by the venue.
  • Do you have sparklers?
    We do not have sparkers, however we do have cold spark machines for making a statement!
  • What payments methods do you accept?
    We accept all major credit cards, cash and check. You can make payments at your convenience via your client portal. Your reservation payment is applied to your account and the balance is due 14 days before the event.
  • Do you require food or other services at the event?
    There are no additional fees or responsibilities in our contract for food or any other services for us at the event. If you would like to provide food or non-alcoholic drinks we appreciate it and will enjoy them inconspicuously and with respect to you and your guests.
  • Can you create a custom pre-mixed song list for a planned dance routine?
    Pre-mixed songs,mashups, and voice-overs have become very popular for special events like the first dance and father/daughter dance. We are able to create almost any pre-recorded track with in house recording and editing equipment. Songs can be ended early and started at a defined point with our equipment on the fly at the wedding, but creating a complex mix track or voice-over requires studio time by one of our sound engineers. Before creation starts we will meet and discuss your vision for the song, then provide you a quote for the creation including studio time. This is typically 75.00 per hour but can change depending on the request. Please allow several weeks for creation and the ability to edit the mix is allowed at the standard hourly rate.
  • What is your refund policy if my event is cancelled or postponed?
    Even the best planned event sometimes need to change. If you need to change or cancel your event please contact us in writing at least 30 days before the event and we will refund all but the reservation payment.
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