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The Brightside

The Brightside music venue is the perfect place for your corporate event.

The Brightside and Legacy Event Group, A full audio, visual solution.

Includes a very impressive Soundsystem that is professional and concert level. Legacy event group has equipment that adds on to the already impressive audio solutions, and includes many video options to complete your audiovisual needs for any corporate event.

Presentation equipment

Legacy group includes everything you need for your presentation, slideshow, or video. Incorporating our presentation equipment and plugging into the bright sides audio provides a complete solution for any presentation.

Screen sizes for any event

Legacy group has a wide range of projector screens, TV screens, and LE video walls to provide the perfect screen for your event. The screens can be placed on the stage, around the room, or both for maximum visibility.

Connecting all rooms with AV

Legacy of that group has the ability to connect the main room with the bar at the bright side, allowing guests and attendees to be connected to presentation slides and videos, even if they are in one of the other spaces.

By using the sound system at the bright side were able to provide economical solutions to your corporate audiovisual needs. We continue to work with the Brightside to provide creative solutions and evolve the space into the perfect place for your corporate event.


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