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The Steam Plant

The former power generating plant is a recently renovated event venue versatile for any size group or occasion. The interior is an open floor plan with iconic arched windows, 30-foot high ceilings, exposed beams and brick and hand-crafted two-story built-in bar. Additional features include built-in sound system, accent lighting, an onsite catering prep kitchen, a luxury VIP suite with a balcony overlooking the Grand Hall, Locker Room, onsite complimentary parking and much more. The ambiance is a perfect mix of old-world charm with modern sensibilities!

One Amazing Venue

We are proud to be one of the preferred vendors for the Steam Plant and we have performed countless times since it's renovation and opening. With high expectations from all of the vendors they recommend we cherish our relationship with them and have strengthened that bond over many events.

The Steam Plant offers various floor plans for any event and we have worked with the client and the team at the Steam Plant to provide the best sound, lighting, and audio visual options for the various floor plans. I think we have been in every corner of the Steam Plant over the years, from the balcony to the basement, we have probably setup up sound there and have the experience to discuss the benefits of each location.

A versatile floor plan it's not the only thing the Steam Plant has going for it. There are in house audio visual options that we can use to accent our main sound system, or if you are just wanting cocktail level sound we may be able to use the house sound and accent the house sound with our equipment. With so many options, our knowledge of the house system and experience with various floor plans makes us the clear choice for DJ entertainment all things sound at the steam plant.

Good Level Sound

When you have a room as large as the Steam Plant getting appropriately volumed level sound is an art. We have the experience to know where speakers inside the venue will perform their best and we will work with you to make sure the speakers are in the best possible position for your floor plan. Placing a DJ at your event is a give and take. Sometimes the only open place is not the perfect place for speakers. This is not unique to the Steam Plant, but we have the experience to discuss options that will give you the best possible sound for your floor plan. Pictured is our preferred sound setup where the DJ is off to one side and the speakers and separated on either side of the room. Preferred doesn't mean the only way and we will work with you and the team at the Steam Plant to find the best place every time.

On Site Ceremony Options

Having an on site ceremony is the best. It's great for the timeline, great for the guests, and when you are at the Steam Plant it's great for scenery and options. We have done ceremonies outside, inside the main room, and in the lower level. Setup is different for each of these, but we take the same amount of care and attention to detail in each location. The ceremony is not the place to see DJ or sound equipment. At a ceremony they DJ should be heard and not seen. That's why we use discrete speakers as hidden as possible with the DJ as hidden as possible. Outside that means the DJ will be wayyyy off to one side with the speakers hidden towards the front. Inside with a room flip is a little more challenging but we are up for the challenge. By using facades that cover our main booth and lowering the speakers to blend in better, we are able to provide sound for a ceremony without looking like a dance club.

WOW Enhancements

We try to keep the necessities simple. Examples are things like, our reception package comes with dance lighting, our ceremony package comes with a lapel microphone for the officiant, and we do not charge random fees that should be included with the service. What we consider necessities, some consider add-ons but you can always go bigger, brighter, and more right? Of Course you can and our add-ons are just that. You can color the room with uplights or add more intelligent lighting to pack the dance floor. If you are feeling your event needs a spark, we can handle that also. Our cold spark machines are safe to the touch and wow to soul. Everytime we set them off you see the smiles and hear the oooh and ahhhs. Enhancements can be added to any package and offer a wide array of audio visual options also.

Much of what we do is only possible because of our DJ and Emcee combination at every wedding. This allows us to do things like hide the DJ during the ceremony and still have precise music changes and coordination. All of the unique services we provide are based on this structure and a simple philosophy. Entertainment is more than just music.

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