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The Brightside

The beauty of The Brightside is that we have been able to create a free-spirited and welcoming space for genuine people. Our mission is simple - to bring people together to celebrate love, enjoy art, and build stronger community bonds…and have a good time while doing it!
The memories we create together are why we are here.

Legacy's Experience

The Brightside is quite a unique space with many location and sound options. We have taken opportunities to use their house sound for weddings and have even provided entertainment and live streaming for their open houses. Through all this, we have really gotten to know the venue and its staff.

Ceremony Spaces

The Brightside offers several different spaces for events of all types and sizes. This wedding ceremony took place in The Upside Loft. We have taken measures like using white speakers and placing our booth behind a curtain so things can be heard, but not distracting like most DJ equipment.

Unique Features

Take your event one step further by incorporating their huge chalkboard wall. You can display custom event artwork or use it as your guestbook, either way its sure to catch the attention of your guests.

Sure to Fit All of Your Guests

With such a large space, fitting your guest list won't be a problem. However that can make finding someone included in an upcoming event slightly more challenging. That's where Legacy shines, let us take the stress off of you. When it comes time for your events, we have already prepped everything from the photographer, to the music, to the person holding the mic.

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