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Carillon Park Transportation Center

The Transportation Center is one of Carillon Historical Park’s most popular venues—known for beautiful outdoor wedding ceremonies on the nearby Morrison Bridge (ca. 1881), cocktail hours on the outdoor patio, and receptions inside the Transportation Center. Guests mingle amongst a beautiful 19th century parlor railcar, summer trolley, and many other historic transportation artifacts.

A Beautiful Venue Where Our Versatile Setup Shines

The Transportation Center at Carillon Park offers ceremony and reception in one convenient place but it doesn't stop there. You can choose to have the social hour outside on the patio or inside, you can even choose to have the dance floor outside on the patio or inside. Not many venues offer so many options with such an amazing background for each option. Well I have more good news, we can incorporate our equipment into any option you choose and not detract from the view.

Magic Ceremony Sound

Great picture, but where is the DJ and speakers? They are hidden, just like they should be! By having two wedding professionals on site the day of, we can do some impressive things with our setup. For example, Placing the DJ and console underneath the bridge out of view; the Emcee coordinates the music changes by radio communication to the DJ. See...Magic!

Find the DJ Booth

Here is another game of find the DJ booth. If you guessed in the middle of the room where it is taking up precious floor space and being an eye sore then try again! The layout of the Transportation Center makes floor space a premium and creates a challenge for getting sound level and focused throughout the venue. We fixed both of those by putting the DJ off the main floor and down by the trains then spreading the speakers and dance lighting out to both sides of the room. It's the best of both worlds and we are only able to do this with the DJ and Emcee combination.

You Can Choose Both

Want the dance floor inside but want the first dance outside under the string lights? We can make that happen. We can set up our main equipment outside and wirelessly send sound inside or do the opposite and setup inside with wireless sound outside. We are flexible we almost any floor plan and have options to suit them all. We also understand that we live in Ohio and weather can change things. We have changed our setup the day of the wedding so the flexibility is always there, but the choice is yours.

Please contact Dayton History Facilities Rental Department at (937) 293-2841 Ext. 415 or

To see more photos of events at the James F. Dicke Family Transportation Center and other events, check out Dayton History's social media or website at:

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