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Sarah Babcock Photography

Sarah is an adventurer at heart, a photographer by trade, and a storyteller and people watcher. She specializes in photographing the LOVE between couples. She encourages her couples to tap into their own special brand of creativity, it's even highly encouraged! This is the stuff that makes her super excited and ultimately why I became a photographer in the first place.

Creativity and Style

Sarah Babcock has defined her own personal style in a way that is so unique and bold. Even without watermarks, we can tell when Sarah has shot a photo. She has a unique way of capturing a feeling of a space that makes you feel like you are sitting right there with everyone. This is exactly what you want and need for a wedding photographer. You need someone who can capture a moment so viscerally that you relive it every time you see the photo. We strongly believe Sarah is this person for you!

Professionalism and Communication

Sarah is a textbook professional with clear communication skills. We know that no matter the circumstance, we can always keep an open line of communication with Sarah to ensure that a perfect photography opportunity will never be missed.

Our Trust

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