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Full Frame

Somewhere between the days of cheesy portrait studios, and Instagram, the world became horrified with getting their photo taken. Maybe it’s our tendency to be hyper aware of our most inconsequential flaws. Maybe it’s too many photographers taking themselves way too seriously (and then taking all the fun out of the process). Whatever the reason, we are here to tell you that it doesn’t have to suck. Not only is sucking off the agenda, but photo sessions can be super fun, romantic, or silly. And you don’t need to be a model to create Pinterest worthy images. You don’t even need to do hours of research for inspiration. All you have to do is be yourself, and we will take care of the rest. You are the magic and it’s our job to capture it.

Friendly Guys, Big Results

Full frame are not snobby artists or salesmen, but a couple dudes that chose photography as a way to give value to the world. So drop us a line or email and let’s take the first step to getting to know one another.

Capture The Moment

The guys at Full Frame really know what it takes to curate and capture the perfect moment during your wedding. They always lead with creative & fun energy that instills an atmosphere of relaxed joy. This state truly brings out the best in people and allows them to be photographed at their most comfortable, ultimately resulting in the best photos in general.

Creativity Unbound

We always enjoy hearing the creative insights of the Full Frame guys. They always provide the best ideas on how to line up the perfect shots to capture the raw essence of the couple and their guests. Their creative insights result in the best and most genuine photos imaginable.

Professional, Communicative, and Fun!

Mostly importance, the Full Frame team are true professionals. We know we can rely on them to be communicative about their needs and ideas and allow us at Legacy Event Group to do the same so we can accomplish our collect goal to create the best experience for our clients and their guests. We will always stay in constant communication with Full Frame to ensure they know the next event coming up and make sure they never miss that perfect shot.

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