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Childers Photography

Childers Photography is one of Dayton, Ohio's best wedding photography studios, They have been helping couples for over 20 years. They photograph over 200 weddings per year. The reason for their populatiry is their customer service, their great quality, and their affordable prices.

You can have it all

Childers Photography is a full service photography studio in the wedding style of "Contemporary Artist". Not only do they specialize in weddings, but also offer 30% off of wedding invitations if you book their services.

Reliable and Recommended

Childers' Photography will capture each moment that you are feeling during your event with such sincerity and truth that you are happily able to relive each moment every time you go back and look at your photos. You will remember the feeling of your first kiss, your first dance, and the great time you spent with your friends and family members forever with a photo package from Childers.

Truly professional

The Childers team has spent over 20 years refining their process and taking hundreds of thousands of photographs. This type of expertise is not found often. We trust the Childers Photography team with everything we have to perform at a level that matches the effort and energy that Legacy Event Group puts into each event.

Our relationship

Due to our popularity around the same venues, we work with Childers Photography almost every weekend. This means we know exactly what to expect from one another to ensure flawless execution. You can trust us to stay transparent about our timeline with Childers to ensure that every perfect moment is captured in the exact way that it should be.

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