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Shawn Huey

Owner / Elite Plus

Shawn Huey (DJ Oz) has been a with All The Right Tunes since the beginning. Starting out as a DJ and enjoying the challenge of a dance floor his focus changed to Master of Ceremonies (Emcee) in 2004 where his meticulous planning style shows through every event by presenting a polish appearance to all guests. Over the years Shawn has become one of the most sought after and requested Emcees in the area. His skills as a Master of Ceremonies continue to increase with each successful wedding and/or event. It is rare to find a DJ that can keep the dance floor hopping with fresh music, as well as an expert at coordinating all formalities at events such as wedding receptions. With Shawn "DJ Oz" Huey at the helm of your event or behind the console, the sky is the limit.

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