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Mike Riehle


I have always been fascinated by all things musical. I start with this because I feel it is the driving force behind everything else I have to say. My musical journey started when I was young with choirs and playing guitar and throughout the years I have refined it by learning studio recording techniques and getting my degree in Audio Engineering from The International College of Broadcasting. That brings me to DJing. I was first introduced to DJing while in school at ICB and immediately fell in love with it. I was really drawn to how DJing allowed me to use every type of music and not just be tied to one genre.

I have always loved variety. I don't even have a favorite color because I think they are all so cool and have about 100 tie dye shirts to prove it! Bringing joy and a truly unique experience to each client's event and figuring out how to make their event everything they wanted it to be and more, has been some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life. I have learned to excel in music selection depending on the situation at hand. I have learned how to raise, and even lower, the energy in a venue depending on which is called for. But most importantly, I have learned to make my work about the client and their vision, using my own abilities only to best achieve that goal.

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