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Charlie Bruno-Flores


I’m originally from the island of enchantment A.K.A Puerto Rico and I have a lot of pride in my heritage and the island I call my first home. Music is huge in my culture and it runs in my through my veins. I grew up listening to Spanish music. If you know anything about the people of Puerto Rico, we love our dance music ranging from bomba, salsa and danza to trap and reggaeton.

My personal all time favorite genre is most definitely old school R&B. I like to say that R&B music from the early 2000s made me a hopeless romantic. Being able to preform events gets my blood pumping and I enjoy putting that passion into my sets. Nothing beats that feeling a DJ gets when the crowd goes crazy when they drop the beat, Hence why my stage name became DJ Rico On The Beat or DJ Rico for short. I've gotta pay tribute to the island that blessed me with the love of music!

I’ve been Dj-ing since the age of 15 and it’s been one of my top passions in life. I first started off by Dj-ing for my moms 35th birthday and from there I did all of my family gatherings with nothin but a laptop. After a year of doing that, I started grinding at my summer jobs to save for my first DJ controller. I've been DJ'ing professionally since I moved to Ohio in 2018 and I’ve loved the job every step of the way. When I got hired at Legacy I had no clue they where gonna break me down and build me back up, after the process I felt like a brand new DJ, It goes without saying but I’m excited to be a part of the Legacy Tune Squad!

Demo Mix Track Coming SoonCharlie Bruno-Flores
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