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Corporate Events

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At Legacy Event Group, we take the time to understand each of our clients and their individualized needs in order to craft innovative event solutions that leave lasting impacts. We offer a wide range of services including DJ Entertainment, Photo Booth Services, Sound and Lighting Enhancements, and Audio/Visual Rental. The more equipment you choose from Legacy Event Group,  the more seamless it all works together.


Whether it is music for wedding event songs, background music for a corporate dinner, or music to keep the party going, Legacy Event Group and our team of highly qualified DJ's and Emcee's will create a memorable experience for you and your guests.


Add some fun to your event with a Photo Booth Rental. Legacy Event Group provides state of the art photo booth services with instant printing, the ability to text or email any photo taken, and digital copies of every photo from your event at no additional cost.

Confetti Storm


At Legacy Event Group, we understand that sometimes the littlest changes make the biggest impact. Add enhancements like accent lighting, a monogram, or a projection to wow your guests.

Dancing in the Mist


Want a technically impressive event but don't want to worry about all the logistics? Look no further, Legacy Event Group will provide and set up all the equipment for your event, allowing you to focus your efforts on what matters the most to you.  


With exciting advances and innovations in the world of video, missing an event because you couldn’t be there has become a thing of the past!

With our advanced Live Streaming options guests can be a part of your event and enjoy crystal clear audio and up to 4 camera angles that move and zoom with the event. It's the next best thing and they can enjoy all of this from the comfort of their own home.



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Legacy Event Group will always go the extra mile for our clients. We aim to customize each event experience by leveraging top tier technical knowledge, excellent interpersonal and communication skills, and combined decades worth of experience in the industry.


At Legacy Event Group, we pride ourselves on providing several different services in order to meet the needs of just about any event that comes our way. Every event is different, and what sets us apart from our competitors is how we take the time to truly understand each unique situation and deliver an innovative event solution to match the goals of the client, or organization. The limitless possibilities can be overwhelming, and that is exactly why Legacy Event Group will break down all the details into easily digestible options that are sure to meet all your needs.

DJ Entertainment Services

Let us entertain your guests with our top tier DJ and Emcee service. We firmly believe that entertainment is more than a catchy song or an impressive light show---it is a state of mind. By carefully planning each event in accordance with the clients' needs, and executing flawlessly, we allow you and your guests to focus on what really matters to you. For each event, we provide both a DJ and an Emcee who have radio contact with each other. This allows the Emcee to focus on the coordination, organization, and execution of the time, whereas the DJ can solely focus on the music and sound during the event. Have you had bad experiences in the past with DJs? Have no fear. Our open line of communication and use of both digital and analog backups ensures that we will never miss an important moment. Whether it is a wedding, a party, or a corporate event, our two-person team will be able to address all of your needs and more

Photo Booth 

Capture all the little moments during your event and provide hours of fun for your guests of all ages. We have multiple photo booths available for events of every kind. Birthday and graduation parties, weddings, corporate parties and events, homecomings, proms, and fundraisers are just a few of the limitless applications for our state of the art photo booths. All of our photo booths feature instant high-quality prints and goofy props for endless fun all night long. Our photo booth also offers the ability to text or email the photos taken. After all the fun is over, our client receives all the digital photos from the evening and even has an option to receive a booklet with hard copies to further memorialize the event. What are you waiting for? Join in on the fun and have a photo booth at your next event provided by Legacy Event Group!


At Legacy Event Group, we understand that the littlest details can sometimes make the biggest impact. This is exactly why we consider ourselves industry experts in event set up design. We know exactly how and where to put our equipment to give your event space more emphasis and purpose. We offer a wide range of enhancement add-ons including but not limited to: uplights and accent lighting, auxiliary speakers, monogram lighting, cold spark machine, projectors, and confetti cannons. Are you looking for something simple to help add character, mood, and depth to your event space? Let us help you design a set-up for some uplights! Or are you trying to go big and make a bold statement? Get a confetti cannon and cold spark machine for an entrance that no one will forget. No matter your needs, Legacy Event Group will be there to offer you the perfect solution. 

AV Rental

Do you have the technical know-how but need access to the best in the industry equipment? Look no further! We will rent out any of our AV equipment and even set it up for you for a discounted rate when compared to our traditional services. We provide rentals on microphones, speakers, light displays, projectors and anything else you would need for a successful party, corporate event or wedding. 

Live Streaming

No matter what the event, we have the equipment AND the know how to turn your event into a top-notch Live Stream experience by capturing each moment from multiple angles so that your virtual guests will feel like they are right there celebrating with you! We have also integrated this technology into an easy-to-use viewing platform to eliminate any issues with guests accessing your stream. Plus, we have partnered with Agape Media to offer additional package options and relive your event over and over for years to come. When you choose our Advanced Live Streaming, you can expect the highest quality video with the professionalism and attention to detail that has become synonymous with Legacy Event Group!

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