Emcee / DJ

Born and raised Texan. Current Daytonian. Full-time musician.

Being from San Antonio, Texas, country music is something that has always held my heart, but Ohio’s funk and soul has truly won me over. I've been playing music in the Greater Dayton area since my relocation in 2013, and have felt truly inspired by the surplus of local talent. After living here in Dayton for six years, I've gained a lot of opportunities and experiences working; connecting within the artist community. This has helped expand my music abilities and knowledge.

Music has been in my blood for as long as I can remember. Even at the tender age of 8, I felt energized by the rush that came from singing around the community, and at different churches with my family. Years later, music is still a driving force in my life, and a passion that inspires and pushes me to create and help make the world a better place through song. I believe giving back and sharing your gifts with others is what it's all about and I consider it a privilege to do so whenever given the opportunity.

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